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The Bio-Thesiometer is an instrument designed to measure simply and accurately the threshold of appreciation of vibration in human subjects.

The Bio-Thesiometer is used as a research device in many neurological diseases. It is essentially an "electrical tuning fork" whose amplitude may be set to any predetermined level or whose amplitude may be gradually increased until the threshold of vibratory sensation is reached.

Conversely, the amplitude may be lowered until the vibration is no longer discernible. In all cases the amplitude may be determined at any given level with a high degree of accuracy.

The Bio-Thesiometer is not only far superior to a tuning fork in accuracy, but will detect neurological changes that are not disclosed with a tuning fork.

Power Supply: 115 volts A.C., 50/60 Hz. or
220 volts A.C., 50/60 Hz.

Power Input: 30 watts maximum

Dimensions: 11 X 15 X 4 1/4 inches

Weight: Approximately 6 lbs.

Shipping Weight: Approximately 8 lbs.


Fax: 877-283-7251


Price, design, material and/or specifications subject to change without notice and without liability therefore.

Complete instrument is ready to operate
with instructions for use. 

Phone/Fax: 877-283-7251

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